Thursday, June 24, 2010


Look at us...we are all black on Wednesday. I'll catch we are fourth of black girls on Wednesday. This is the great moment and the great capture i ever get. From the left is Pn. Nur Hani Brenda Abdullah who is Sarawakian girls which is found her soulmate from Kelanang Selangor. Teaching science and Bahasa Melayu at level 1. Stand the next is Pn. Sipah Sizah binti Md. Khamis, which use ' Hajar' as her name nowaday. She is science teacher. The third person of course this is me. There was a long time i'm not wearing a black one. The last person stand behind me is Pn. Noor Sarmilah Tukiran. She is a Great English Teacher in my school...

note: This is the first trial i wrote in English...i'm not an English Teacher and not good or fluent in English at all, but i try my best...what say you!!

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